New Intake Tunnel at Milwaukee

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

New Intake Tunnel at Milwaukee Preparatory to extending its water works system, which Milwauke_____, Wis., claims will not need to be added to for the next 50 years, that city has contracted for the building of a new intake tunnel, 4,000 feet in length, off Linwood avenue. Between that point and the one from which it will take its water supply in the future there will be laid four 72-inch pipes, 2,500 feet in length. The tunnel and the pipes will have an aggregate length of 6,500 feet, and at that distance from the shore it is expected the lake will furnish plenty of potable water. The bore of the tunnel under the lake will be 12 feet; estimated cost set down at $450,000; the time required for its completion will be five years. After the work on it has been well begun a 9-foot “hose line” tunnel will be…

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