Chicago’s Dangerous “Loop”

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

Chicago’s Dangerous “Loop” The “union loop” in Chicago, according to a correspondent, is hounded on the south by Twenty-second street, on the west by Ashland avenue, on the north by Chicago avenue, and on the east by the lake. No spot in Chicago, possibly no section ot any other city in the world, it is claimed, is more densely packed with people than this “loop,” and probably none is worse protected against loss of life by fire. It is said that a conservative estimate of the number of people daily within the limits of this portion of the city is upward of 000,000, the larger number of whom shop, live or work in buildings where, even _____nder better conditions, they might easily fall victims to the flames. Within its limits are crowded big department stores, some scores of hotels of every description, 10-cent lodging-houses, factories, hospitals and department houses. Those…

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