Recent Patents

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

Recent Patents 1,053,425. Fire-escape apparatus. Conrad Metzler, “Fresno, Cal., assignor of one-fourth to August Schwabenland, Sanger, Cal. 1,053,861. Fire-escape. John M. Parrish, Trenton, 1,052,773. Fire-escape, Geirge Virture, New Philadelphia, Ohio. 1,053,135. Fire-escape. Nicholas P. Barron, Masonville, Iowa. 1,054,024. Device for preventing the freezing of water pipes. Charles L. Orser, Fitzgerald, Ga. 1,054,532. Life-saving apparatus. Augustus Green, Greer, S. C. 1,054.842. Hose-coupling. Anthony Heimerman, Syracuse, N. Y. 1,055,282. Fire-escape. Julius F. A. Klettke, Carney, Mich.

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