An Acrobatic Fire Chief

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

An Acrobatic Fire Chief Assistant Chief Albert Graeber, of the Denver, Col., fire department, has just celebrated his 23d anniversary as a fireman. He is one of the best known of that city’s firemen and is famed from coast to coast for his spectacular rescues and his work in every line of athletics. If he had not chosen his present calling he might have been a circus acrobat, and was asked to join the onetime well known Nelson family of tumblers. To-day he can do a deal in that line, although physically, he has been “on edge” for 3n years. In those earlier days he could stand perfectly still and then turn a forward somersault and at the same time twist his body around in a complete turn before alighting—a supreme test for a circus performer. He has been one of the prominent competitors at all of the national meetings…

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