Fireproof Concrete House Demonstrated

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

Fireproof Concrete House Demonstrated That a concrete house is practical, that it need not be high in cost, that it may be as artistically designed and built as in any material, and that its construction may be as rapid as the needs of modern city building require, was proved by the exhibit of the Universal Portland Cement Company at the Chicago Cement Show this yea”. Space in the Annex 14 feet deep and 56 feet long was given over to a full-sized model oi a typical modern residence. The depth of the space made it possible to build only the front wall of the house with a casement windowed bay and a porch across the front, partly roofed. The balance of the house was painted on a canvas, showing the building in perspective and its setting in a garden plot among several houses. Everything about the construction was real. The…

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