New Redford, Mass., Water Report

Issue 12 and Volume 53.

New Redford, Mass., Water Report The annual report of the board of water commissioners, of New Bedford. Mass., shows that there was turned over to the city during 1912. as profits of the water department, the sum of $40,110.55. The financial statement showed receipts from water rents to have been $265,103.14; from other sources, $112,148.08. The_ total receipts. including a balance of $40,788.77 on January 1, 1912. are given as $338,040.89. The disbursements total $297,930.34, which includes $96,314.60 for operation of the plant. $86,237.65 for water works construction. $72,040 for interest, $15,000 for bonds, and $28,338 for sinking fund. In the construction account is shown expenditures of $19,421.56 for water meters, $52,429.58 for street mains and $14,386.51 for extension of services. The actual outlay for the construction of the works, exclusive of debt, interest and operation. is $4,215,598.88. The operation of the plant includes $23,294.92 for pumping, $5,865.48 for mains,…

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