Meterage at Allentown

Issue 16 and Volume 53.

Meterage at Allentown The following extracts from the water department report of Allentown, Pa., shows that the large per capita consumption in that city must be checked and more meters introduced to avoid unnecessary expense. Here is what Superintendent W. H. Reichard says on the subject; “There has been no scarcity of water during the past year, but it might be well to let the consumers know the condition in the summer months. There were certain months throughout last year that we had to pump Crystal Spring water at certain times to keep up our supply. And on such occasions we pumped water at the rate of about 190 gallons per capita per day. When you read over these figures it does not seem so much, but when you think it over and see that the figures mean about four barrels per capita. Take a family of eight persons, or…

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