Issue 16 and Volume 53.

DEVASTATION BY RECENT HIGH WATERS IN OHIO The States of Ohio, eastern Indiana and western Pennsylvania were visited, during the week of March 24, by an unprecedented rainstorm, followed by extreme high waters in the rivers and a great loss of life and property in the communities situated along these rivers. The State of Ohio is traversed by three main rivers, which flow in a southerly direction into the Ohio river. These river courses are, for the most part, in wide, flat valleys. The cities and towns are located on these flats and in many places are protected from high water in the streams by levees. Starting Sunday morning, March 23, a rainstorm visited the State, and during the next three days an excessive precipitation was experienced and a lighter rainfall during the 26th and 27th. This storm caused a rise in the streams, and all three river systems overflowed…

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