Issue 16 and Volume 53.

DAMS THAT BURST IN OHIO One of the largest dams that gave way during these torrential rains was the Grand reservoir at St. Mary’s, about 75 miles east of Dayton and 25 miles south of Lima. It was said to be the largest artificial body of water at present to be found in the United States. Its eastern bank burst at 9:20 a. m. on March 27. As the entire city of St. Mary’s seemed to be in danger, its 6,000 inhabitants were ordered beforehand to leave their homes for a safer place. After the break the waters took a northerly course in the direction of Decatur and Fort Wayne, Ind., and Caused the emptying of some score of smaller cities along the banks of the St. Mary’s river, all of which, it is believed, were warned of the danger that threatened them, notwithstanding which it is feared there has…

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