New York Subway Work Endangered by Fire

Issue 16 and Volume 53.

New York Subway Work Endangered by Fire The New York City fire department was called upon to fight three ugly fires on the night of April 10. Two were of a very serious character, and of these one for a time threatened to set fire to the new subway work. The second blaze took place in the six-story building in the rear of 17 John street and the Chatham and Phenix building at 192 Broadway. It was a hard fire to get at, as that part of John street was tom up from Broadway to Nassau street for pipe-laying purposes. T he firemen, thereiore, had to carry their hose lines down a short blind alley in order to reach the burning building. T he flames thus had time to gain a dangerous headway. It was all the easier for them to spread because the fire was in an old-fashioned loft…

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