Issue 17 and Volume 53.

METERAGE The citizens of Waco, Texas, are agitating the question of water meters, and indications point to their adoption in the near future. Leominster, Mass., water department installed 120 meters during the past year, making the total numher set in December 2,137. As there are 3,105 service connections, it will be seen that the percentage metererl is large. Director Cooke, of Philadelphia, announces that arrangements will be made to test and inspect meters after they have been installed, He likewise expresses his regret that the department has been forced to-discontinue the work of installation on the premises without cost, as had been promised. He informs consumers that it will not be possible for them to have their rating changed from fixture to a meter service unless registers are installed. The water commissioners of Northampton, Mass., decided to place water meters in some of the houses by way of experiment. Northampton…

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