Advocates Meters for Philadelphia

Issue 17 and Volume 53.

Advocates Meters for Philadelphia In discussing the proposed increase in Philadelphia water rates by meter, John C. Trautwine, former head of the water system in that city, says: “Our preposterous ‘fixture’ rates, which have been in force from the beginning, were such that the water bureau appeared to make money,’ and was thus enabled to pose as helping to support those branches, such as re, police, health (and perhaps law ), which, though rendering service, presumably collect but little money from us. Of course, as a matter of fact, the water bureau merely took from us, in water rates, what would otherwise have been taken from us in taxes. Years ago the meter rate (then 60 cents per 1,000 cubic feet, or 8 cents per 1,000 gallons) was double what it is now. Under such rates the works, with all the connections metered (as they should be), would still be…

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