Limiting Building Height

Issue 17 and Volume 53.

Limiting Building Height Here is a list of places where under municipal or State laws a limit is put to the height to which buildings may be erected. The number of these cities is steadily growing, and the question of the legality of the restrictions seems to be settled so far as they are concerned: Baltimore—Fireproof buildings limited to 175 feet, and noil-fireproof buildings to 85 feet. Scranton—Limit of 125 feet. Boston Two and a half times the width of the street; maximum, 125 feet. Buffalo—No height greater than four times the average of least horizontal dimension of the building. Chicago—Absolute limit of 200 feet. Cleveland—Two and a half times the width of street, with maximum of 200 feet. Recesses or setbacks to be counted as added to width of street. Jersey City—No building or structure, except a church spire, shall exceed in height two and one-half times the width…

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