Fuller and Son in the Hands of Mexican Guerillas

Issue 18 and Volume 53.

Fuller and Son in the Hands of Mexican Guerillas The capture by Mexican bandits of William B. Fuller, of the firm of Johnson & Fuller, consulting engineers at 150 Nassau street, New York, and his son, Bernard Fuller, has been verified by this magazine. They are in a remote part where railroads are at a standstill and telegraph service is blocked, hence there is much uneasiness among the family and friends of the Messrs. Fuller, whose home is in Palisade, N. J. Steps have been taken at Washington to insure their protection from harm. Mrs. Fuller has received word that her husband and son have been carried into the mountains by the guerillas and held there until a large ranson is paid by the employes, of whom there are six thousand. This word was received a month ago, since which time no word has been received as to their fate.…

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