Packing House Fire in Chicago

Issue 19 and Volume 53.

Packing House Fire in Chicago The risk of fire attaching to the stockyards and packing houses in Chicago does not seem to be lessened. One of the latest of such fires took place in the Armour Company’s building on Packers avenue. The structure, which was 25 years old, like the majority of those in that neighborhood, was of a highly inflammable kind, with its floors and woodwork thoroughly impregnated with grease and kindred matter, so that when a fire did break out in it the flames had every chance of spreading. The building occupied a space of 450 by 250 feet Its height was five stories, and the material of which it was built was brick, insulated with wood. Internally it lacked sprinkler equipment, but was equipped with inside standpipes. At the same time it was unprovided with any special means of saving life, although 100 persons worked in it.…

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