Test Proves Worth of Gasoline Electric Steam Fire Engine

Issue 19 and Volume 53.

Test Proves Worth of Gasoline Electric Steam Fire Engine The first motorized steam fire engine to be seen in Providence, R. I., made its appearance there recently. A test made of its speed and efficiency was witnessed by Chief Weeks and several officials of the Providence fire department, who were much pleased with the demonstration, as the machine worked very satisfactorily in every way. It is the Hoadley front-drive tractor witn gasoline electric equipment, attached to a firstsize Amoskeag steam fire engine, both of which are built at the Corliss Works of the American & British Manufacturing Company. Providence. It can be attached to any piece of fire apparatus or truck of any description, practicaly without taking the apparatus out of commission, which is a point of great importance. It is claimed that in this gasoline-electric machine the gas engine is not subject to the shock and strain that must…

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