Railroad Shops Burned

Issue 19 and Volume 53.

Railroad Shops Burned Some time ago the Midland Valley Railroad back shops at Muskogee, Okla., were completely destroyed. An official report to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING states that the fire broke out at 9.45 p. m. in the shops, which are located outside of the city limits and about a mile and a quarter from the nearest engine house. Company No. 2, consisting of six men and Assistant Chief George Higginbotham, responded on the first alarm, being followed five minutes later by Company No. 4 and Chief John L. Templeton on a second alarm. The fire had started in the oil house and had gained great headway by the time the department arrived. The building was of frame construction, located midway between the round-house and the main shops, which are about 100 feet apart. Very little could be done only to protect the round house and shops, and this was…

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