Seven Lives Lost in Malone Hotel Fire

Issue 19 and Volume 53.

Seven Lives Lost in Malone Hotel Fire Malone, N. Y., recently faced the most appalling fire disaster in its history, so far as the loss of human life is concerned. Seven guests were burned to death and 15 were seriously injured when fire destroyed the De Wilson Hotel in the heart of the business district. It is known that there were 40 persons sleeping in the hotel. Of these 30 were known to have escaped, and seven dead bodies were found, leaving three to be accounted for at the lowest estimate. The building, which occupied a space of 70 by 60 feet, was three stories high and 20 years old. It was of wood construction, with iron sheathing and was entirely remodeled and enlarged several years ago, since which time it had been occupied as a hotel. As a structure it made no pretense at being fireproot, or even fire-resistant.…

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