Issue 19 and Volume 53.

Personals Councilman John Goodland, Jr., of Appleton, Wis., has become head of that city’s water department. Frederick A. Reimer. assistant county engineer for Essex County, N. J., has been promoted to county engineer. Edward J. Maurer, civil engineer, who had been in the employ of New York City for 25 years, died recently. S. R. Hatch has been reappointed manager of the Duluth, Minn., water and light department. George J. Bloedel has been appointed street commissioner. John A. Affeck and George G. Kennedy have been re-elected president and secretary respectively of the reorganized water board of Harrisburg, Pa. At Greenfield. Mass., Philip Partenheimer has been elected chief engineer of the water department, and Clifford E. Martin, first assistant engineer. Joseph B. Scatilan has been reappointed trustee of the water system of Dubuque, la. J. F. McNulty has been appointed assistant engineer of the same system. George H. Freeland and Augustus…

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