Meterage in Milwaukee

Issue 20 and Volume 53.

Meterage in Milwaukee Milwaukee, Wis., is a city of Something more than 400,000 inhabitants, each of whom on an average consumes 100 gallons of water daily. its death rate, also, is so low as to cause it to be looked upon as one of the healthiest cities in the country, in spite of the oft-repeated assirtton that to set meters on every service, as Milwaukee has done, is to invite disease by restricting the use of water, especially in the poorer districts of the city. Milwaukee has made meterage universal within its limits, with no evil results so tar as concerns the health ot the citizens is concerned. In addition it has made ihe cost of water to the householders the lowest in the country. The yearly bill of 40,U0U of such consumers—quite one-third of the whole number—is less than $5, while the yearly profit of the city’s water works…

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