Water Famine Threatens San Francisco

Issue 20 and Volume 53.

Water Famine Threatens San Francisco According to City Engincer O’Shattghnessy, another dry year will result in a serious water famine in San Francisco unless steps be immediately taken to conserve the supply now available and some other source of supply be discovered. Engincer O’Shattghnessy is of the opinion that the universal metering of the city is the one means of cheeking the waste of water, which it is said amounts to 6,000,000 or 6,000,000 gallons daily, and he recently recommended that the Water Rates Committee of the Board of Supervisors confer with the Spring Valley officials regarding the installation of meters, and also turn in a report as to the suitable rate for water which should be adopted to return to the company for a fair profit, should meters be universally installed. “The live to six million gallons which are being wasted daily would take care of fifty or sixty…

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