The Water Supply of Detroit

Issue 20 and Volume 53.

The Water Supply of Detroit Since the population of Detroit, Mich, (now estimated at 500,000 and on the increase every year), will probably be 1,000,000 or more by 1923, the question arises, where shall the additional supply be found that shall not only be adequate for domestic, manufacturing, fire-protective and sanitary uses, but shall also be healthful and free from sewage and other impurities. When the present water works system was installed, Lake St Clair could supply a water that was comparatively free from such impurities. That is not the case to-dav. All the towns on the banks of the St. Clair River now discharge their sewage into that stream. The Black River receives that of Port Huron, and that river (lows into the St. Clair, which also carries into St. Clair Lake the sewage from all the towns as far up as Fort Gratiot. In addition to that, must…

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