Filtration Plant for Appleton

Issue 20 and Volume 53.

Filtration Plant for Appleton Appleton, Wis., has contracted for a rapid sang filtration system, to cost approximately $125,000. The water will be drawn from above the upper dam ahead of the first sewer that empties into the river. In addition to the sand filtration chlorination will he employed. The buildings will he of brick with tile roof. One will he T-shaped, and the head-house will he 26 x 26 feet: the main part covering the filters will he 35 x 38 feet. The two settling basins will he 27 x 77 feet each, with the clear-water well directly below the filters. The old reservoir will be covered and used for storing the filtered water and for a supply of water for washing the tillers every two or three hours, an operation which will take about 4 per cent, of the filtered water. The filters will consist of screen blocks at…

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