The Needs of Omaha

Issue 21 and Volume 53.

The Needs of Omaha Notwithstanding the fact that the laying of the new 48-inch main from Florence to Omaha has removed the chances of a scarcity of water for purely domestic purposes, there is need of three additional reservoirs for settling the water— work which the laying of the new line, by greatly increasing the flow, and the rapidity of the deposit in the existing reservoirs needs more time. Three new reservoirs, therefore, are called for, the total capacity of which will be 25,000,000 gallons. As soon as these are completed, six others will be built, their capacity being equal to that of the three above mentioned. The intention is to duplicate the present reservoir capacity of 78.000,000 gallons. The total cost of these imprqvcments will be $350,000, of which $125,000 will be expended during the ensuing summer.

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