Issue 21 and Volume 53.

FILTRATION While the water works pumps at Toronto pump 64,000,000 gallons a day and can supply more, it necessary, the filtration plant is not large enough to supply continuously anything like that amount, and should be at once enlarged. In view of the probable contamination of the public water supplies after the recent floods, the State of Ohio has sent out instructions to officers in sections which have been flooded for the treatment of the water with hypochlorite of lime. The joint national and State commission appointed to investigate the effect of river pollution upon oysters has returned from a third trip on the Potomac river. Numerous bacteriological specimens were collected and oysters were taken from various beds for examination and testing purposes. A filtration plant for the water supply of Painesville, O., has been ordered by the State Board of Health. The city solicitor made a trip to Columbus…

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