Proposed Retirement Fund for Washington Firemen

Issue 21 and Volume 53.

Proposed Retirement Fund for Washington Firemen Senator Smith, of Maryland, has introduced into the United States Senate a bill to create a relief and retirement fund for the firemen and police of the District of Columbia and to establish a method of procedure for such relief and retirement, The bill specifies that the fund shall be raised front fines imposed upon members of the two departments, all rewards and gifts to members ol the departments, fines and forfeitures paid into the police court, except those allowed to the Humane Society, a deduction of one-$id-one-hail per cent, of the monthly salary of each member of the police and fire departments, and moneys arising from the sale ot unclaimed property in the district, it is provided that should these sources prove insufficient at any tune to make up the entire pension fund the collector of taxes of the District be authorized to…

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