Champaign Has a Well Equipped Fire Department

Issue 21 and Volume 53.

Champaign Has a Well Equipped Fire Department Few cities of its size are as well supplied with fire-fighting apparatus as is the department of Champaign, Ill. Chief John Ely is the head of the Champaign fire force, and he believes in having the tools to work with. Following is a list of the department’s equipment: 1,350 feet of 2 ½inch hose, two Elkhart shut off nozzles, two Larkin shut-off nozzles, one Foley nozzle, one Bresnan cellar nozzle, one pair Stecks wire cutters one Pair live wire “pick up.” one Eastman nozzle and holder, one Eastman deluge set, threeway; one first-aid box, four hay hooks, one National hose lightener and nozzle connection, one . ajen-Bader smoke helmet, one Kenyon searchhght, two three-gallon Babcock extinguishers one Pyrene extinguisher, three lanterns, 24 feet ladders, one 10-foot pike pole, one crowbar, two eight-pound pick head axes, one pick head hatchet, two torches, 60 feet…

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