Destructive Fire at Danforth

Issue 21 and Volume 53.

Destructive Fire at Danforth For a time the business section of Danforth, Me., stood in danger of being wiped out by a fire that broke out at 3:30 a. m. and was not stopped till it had done $20,000 worth of damage. The blaze started in the Putnam water mill, used for the manufacture of dimension lumber. It was first discovered burning very briskly by the night watchman, and, as the mill had an electric plant connected with it, it is probable that its origin was due to crossed wires. The building stood on the north side of Baskegan creek, in the very center of the settled part of the town. Close by it were box mill, on the south side of the creek; the Vendome hotel, two residences and, quite close, the boarding house connected with the steam mill and recently used as a tenement house by H. H.…

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