The Syracuse Water Works System

Issue 22 and Volume 53.

The Syracuse Water Works System The source of the Syracuse, N. Y., water supply is Skaneateles lake, which has an area of 15 square miles and is at an elevation of 466 feet above the Erie canal. Two conduits of cast iron convey the water by gravity to the city, a distance of 19 1/4 miles. The reservoir has a capacity of 121,000,000 gallons, an area of 14 acres, a depth of 35 feet and is 221 feet above the canal. South of and adjacent to the reservoir is a steel standpipe, incased in brick, with a capacity of 1,250,000 gallons, at an elevation of 330 feet above the canal. From the standpipe is supplied a large area of high land in the southeastern section of the city and a portion of Elmwood. Ninety per cent, of the distributing system is under a pressure exceeding 50 pounds, and over 50…

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