Two Private Water Works Systems

Issue 22 and Volume 53.

Two Private Water Works Systems The Ouaker Oats plant at Fort Dodge, Ia., uses 4,320.000 gallons of water a day of 24 hours. Till recently the company obtained all its water for boiler use from the city. but, as it has added many improvements to its plant, it has thought it worth its while to install its own water works system. It has set two new boilers and laid a 12-inch pipe from the river to the boiler rooms of the plant. The water is pumped directly from the river. Oliver Munson, owner of the Wells ranch on Spring creek, near Hill Citv. Kan., has had a complete water system installed for the supply of the fixtures in his house, consisting of taps for domestic, laundry and bathroom use. The pump may be operated by hand, windmill or gas engine power. When the pressure reaches the point at which the…

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