Rochester Hydrants as Drinking Fountains

Issue 22 and Volume 53.

Rochester Hydrants as Drinking Fountains In Rochester, N. Y., the fire hydrants “contrive a double debt to pay.” They furnish water for fire extinguishment and supply it likewise for the quenching of thirst. To the latter use they are put during tne summer months. Superintendent Beckman C. Little, of that city’s bureau of water, writes that this is done at the cost of but a few dollars apiece, and that the following method is pursued: “On’one of the fire hydrant nozzles is screwed an extension nipple which has an upright service pipe, equipped with a small valve. A sanitary drinking fountain is connected to this upright service and a small waste pipe is extended down and out to the curb or street gutter, which is generally close to the hydrant. The water is left turned on into the hydrant—all of the nozzle caps of the hydrant being screwed up tightly…

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