Dangers Arising from a New York City Garage

Issue 22 and Volume 53.

Dangers Arising from a New York City Garage The Joscelyn Garage at 110 West 52d street, Manhattan, New York City, having been refused a permit by the fire commissioner, brought suit in the Supreme Court to compel the issuance of such a permit. It had been refused on the ground that the garage company had failed to install an oil-separator and had thereby allowed the oilladen water from the cleansing of their 300 automobiles to run into the sewer, which caused the danger of blow-outs all along the line. It was claimed on the part of the fire commissioner that 20 gallons of oil would run into the sewer from the cleansing of 300 automobiles, and that oilseparators were necessary in the city garages. One hundred and thirty such separators had been installed in as many garages with the result that the number of blow-outs in the sewer had been…

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