The Progress of Meterage

Issue 25 and Volume 53.

The Progress of Meterage Nearly 44 years ago the first meters were sold to Jersey City, and during the following 10 years there were 45,000 installed. That record was made April 1, 1887, while at the present time it may be estimated that the number of meters in use will approx mate 5,000,000. In 100 cities of the United States, as shown in the table herewith, the increase in meterage for 12 years has been steady, which proves that where once tried the constant setting of meters followed. The past year snows conclusively that meters must be included in the regular operation of water-works plants. Their use has become general, while the number of places that have adopted meterage systems has increased 50 per cent. This shows a very healthy condition and must be satisfactory to the superintendent and consumer alike, as by meter measurement the exact number of gallons…

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