Issue 25 and Volume 53.

WATER WORKS NEWS ITEMS Madisonville, Tex., having sold its $16,000 water works bonds, will now install its system at once. A water tower will form part. At Utica, N. Y., the local water works company is laying two 20-inch and one 16-inch main, and will increase the number of hydrants by seven. About 11,750,000 gallons of water now being pumped by the pumping engine of the Toronto. Ont., city water works are being daily consumed by the citizens in an unfiltered condition. It is subjected, however, to chlorination before it is consumed. Topeka, Kan., has a balance of over $17,000 in the water works department The disbursements for May amounted to $11,070. The amount paid for construction was $7,812. The receipts for the month amounted to $10,678.00, of which $10,063.30 was collected on meter rates. A new 1,500,000-gallon Worthington pump was recently put in operation at the central water wmrks…

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