Issue 25 and Volume 53.

METERAGE Ware, Mass., has now in use 911 meters, of which eight were added last year. Two hundred are read each month by order of the board, which requires that to be done in the case of all that $10 worth of water, or more than that quantity, in one year. All meters are read quarterly. A water meter marathon will soon be held by the Minneapolis, Minn., water works committee. It is planned to obtain three samples of each make of meter and connect them all to a water pipe for a 00 days’ test. The result of the test, durability, and accuracy will govern to a considerable extent, the award of a contract for 3,500 meters. The water commissioner of Toronto, Ont., has been awarded by the city council an appropriation of about $1,400 for the purchase of meters during the present year. If, however, the council should…

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