Burlington and Its Progressive Water Department

Issue 26 and Volume 53.

Burlington and Its Progressive Water Department In every respect Burlington, Vt., is a progressive city and not least in so far as regards its water works system. That was built by the city in 1867-68 to supply the needs of a much smaller population than at present. In 1919 the census returns showed 20,467 persons living within its limits. To-day its estimated population is 21,200, with 20,600 on its lines of pipe and probably 20,500 supplied The source of supply is Lake Champlain, whence the water is lifted by a Worthington pumping engine and to the high level by a new’ Laidland-Dunn-Gordon pump, which is set in motion twice a day, the resulting pressure on the mains being 139 pounds. The total consumption of water for the year was 414,310,640 gallons, of which 274,905,164 passed through meters, making a percentage of 66.35 metered. The consumption per capita w’as 53.4 gallons…

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