Fire Dangers in the City of London

Issue 26 and Volume 53.

Fire Dangers in the City of London J. G. Smith, ex-superintendent of the London fire brigade, lectured recently at the St. Bride’s Foundation institute of the London Fire Brigade and Fire Dangers in that City. After outlining the city’s various historical conflagrations, and dcscnumg the London brigade, past and present, the lecturer spoke strongly of the great danger front fire in tne city. Within a stone’s throw of the place where they were assembled there was, he said, a labyrinth of courts and alleys in which should a fire occur under favoraaie weather conditions, the fire brigade would, he believed, be poweness to keep it within a limited area. It behooved the authorities to open their eyes with regard to such danger zones and to remove them as speedily as possible. Though the danger was so real, great carelessness and thoughtlessness existed in the city among owners of warehouses and…

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