Hose Pressure Too Great, Belleville Fireman Hurt

Issue 26 and Volume 53.

Hose Pressure Too Great, Belleville Fireman Hurt During the demonstration of an automobile fire engine, under the auspices of the Belleville, N. J., fire department recently, Emmet Woods, a member of Valley Hose Company, was bit by a stream of water and thrown several feet. He was hit in the yes and was removed to his home, after having been attended by Dr. Herbert B. Vail, of Belleville. Woods with several other firemen, was holding the pipe nozzle. They were unable to control it and Woods fell in front of the stream. The demonstration was held under the direction of Fire Chief Christian Reinhardt and the fire committee of the town council. Satisfaction over the work of the machine was expressed by the officials present. Chief Reinhardt said that there might be another demonstration of apparatus of another concern soon.

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