The City of Ware Well Metered

Issue 1 and Volume 54.

The City of Ware Well Metered The total number of water services in Ware, Mass., is 925, of which 911 are metered. Superintendent Thomas C. Gleason reports that during the year ending January 31, 1913, there were pumped 164,871,690 gallons, without any allowance for slip; duty, 42,263,418; gallons per pound of coal, 205.85; received for water, $12,571.87; percentage passed through meters, 71.9; balance on hand, $11,317.49. The pumps were run 2. hours. The total pumping station expenses for the year, including coal and wood, amounted to $3,312.71. The builders of the pumping machinery were the Deane and the Warren companies. The coal consumed during the year was 799,625 pounds; of wood, 1,300 pounds. The average static head against which the pumps work is 230 feet; average dynamic head, 252 feet. Cost per million gallons pumped, $20.09; per million gallons raised one foot (dynamic), $0.097—cost of pumping figured on total maintenance—namely,…

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