Issue 1 and Volume 54.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS The Old York Road Fire Company, of Ogontz, Pa., expects its new motor fire apparatus by July 4. Sedalia, Mo., will install a new motor fire truck on July 4. The machine has been somewhat delayed in delivery. Chief Hume, of the Sidney, O., fire department, is expecting his new American-La France motor fire truck this week. The Cleveland Heights section of Cleveland. O., has a new motor-propelled fire wagon, which has long been needed in that locality. The tire department of Sunbury, Pa., has received its long-looked-for fire truck. It belongs to the Hast End Fire Company of that place. An electric tractor is to be placed on No. I hook and ladder at Grand Rapids, Mich. Several new pieces of motor apparatus are being installed. A Seagraves gasoline-driven engine was driven over from Detroit, Mich., to Toledo, O., a few days ago and given demonstration…

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