Holland Water Report for 1912

Issue 1 and Volume 54.

Holland Water Report for 1912 The population of Holland, Mich., numbers 10,760 persons, for whose use was daily pumped an average of 1,059,729 gallons, or an average of 98.5 gallons per capita daily. The average amount pumped daily per service was 503 gallons. The number of private services is 2,090, of municipal, 17—total, 2,107. The number of metered services is as follows: Private, 2,052; municipal, 11—total, 2,003; number of meters, private, 2,034, municipal, 11—total, 2,045; number of services on flat rate, private, 38, municipal, 0—total, 44. Of hydrants set there are 267; of main laid, from 14-inch to 2-inch, 146,392 feet; of taps in service, 2,087. The total cost of punipage, including maintenance, for the year was $9,661.87; of distribution, including operation, $702,99, and maintenance, $686.93—$1,389.92; of commercial, $280.24; general, $1,452.74; undistributed, $372.13. Steam generation, fuel, $232.50; operating labor, $703.12; maintenance, boiler plant, building, fixtures and ground, $19.58; total cost…

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