Dixon Cascade Pumper Tested at Elizabeth

Issue 3 and Volume 54.

Dixon Cascade Pumper Tested at Elizabeth The fire department of Elizabeth, N. J., which is in the market for motor fire apparatus, gave a Dixon Cascade pumping engine a test last week. As the best showing of the test, the Dixon apparatus, which is equipped with a centrifugal pump, delivered 752 gallons of water per minute for 10 minutes through two lines of hose each 250 feet in length attached to a two-inch nozzle. Although no official measurement was taken of the distance thrown, it was approximately 150 feet. With the same lengths of hose siamesed to a two-inch nozzle, using the suction pumps, the apparatus forced 733 gallons of water per minute through the nozzle. In making a hydrant stream test, two lines of hose, each 500 feet long, with a lVi-inch nozzle, were used. The engine pressure was 148 nounds and hydrant pressure 44 pounds. The engine pumped…

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