Issue 3 and Volume 54.

Resuscitation A book by Dr. Charles A. Lauffer, medical director, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company of East Pittsburgh, Pa., includes a reprint of a paper on this subject delivered by the author before the Philadelphia section of the National Electric Light Association. The author, after explaining a number of successful results which have been obtained from employing resuscitation methods on men who were supposedly dead, gives a clear descrip lion of the mechanism of respiration, illustrating same by a number of views of the various parts of the anatomy. The Prone Pressure or Schafer method of resuscitation which has been adopted by the National Electric Light Association, and a number of other engineering societies, is described in detail. This hook brings out in clear, concise manner the necessity of people in general being versed in the principles of resuscitation, and clearly shows how they can be learned so as to…

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