Issue 3 and Volume 54.

MOTOR FIRE APPARATUS Hingham, Mass., now has an auto truck. Burlington, Ia., has received its new auto truck. Utica, N. Y., has received its new Seagrave truck. Urbana, Ill., fire department has received its new motor fire truck. Out of 34 fires in Mankato, Minn., 32 were extinguished by the Seagrave chemical car. The fire company of Media, Pa., has appointed a committee to purchase a combination wagon. Easthampton, Mass., claims to be the first municipality in that State whose fire department is completely motorized. Chief Henry Bolte, of Springfield, Ill., is making a strong effort to get the council to purchase motor apparatus. Burlington, la., has received a new automobile combination chemical engine and hose car from the American-La France works. The new auto chemical truck of San Mateo, Cal., in response to a call from San Bruno, a distance of 10 miles, made the run in less than…

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