Lambertville Proud of Its Motor Engine

Issue 3 and Volume 54.

Lambertville Proud of Its Motor Engine Chief George W. Arnett, of the Lambertville, N. J., fire department, writes that the new Ahrens-Fox triple combination motor car. recently received, is a marvel. Inside of two weeks he has responded to four fire alarms with the motor, and says that “she did up the job all right.” The apparatus was constructed to pump 700 gallons per minute. “But in spite of us.” says the chief, “she will pump 900 gallons.” The machine is installed in Hibernia Company’s house. Union Steamer Company No. 1 and Fleet wing Company No. 3 will each have a Seagrave combination chemical apparatus by August 1. Following is an official record of a series of four tests of the machine at New Flope lock on June 21:

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