Issue 4 and Volume 54.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING SEND YOUR CHIEF TO THE CONVENTION. In this age of keen competition, when men are vying with each other in their emulous efforts to excel, there is no room for the one who contents himself with the belief that he cannot crease his store of knowledge by affiliating with others. There is not a civic organization, or a profession, or a craft, or a cult, that has not found it advantageous to hold annual conclaves where representatives may assemble and transact such affairs as will redound to the interest of the individual or the subordinate organizations. Bankers, physicians, manufacturers, the various mercantile associations and tradesmen of every class, as well as the scores of beneficial societies, all get together once a year or ottener, and not only add to their store of information, but greatly solidify the organization to which they belong. If there were nothing…

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