The Question of the Water Meter

Issue 4 and Volume 54.

The Question of the Water Meter Public Service, of Chicago, in its July issue, says: “The average householder is against the use of meters. He would rather pay a flat rate and use water as he pleases, regardless, than be on a meter and use only so much as he needs. That is to say, this is is attitude until he has once been on a meter. After that it is different, tie finds it is a money saver. You couldn’t put him back on the old flat rate. Strange, isn’t it? The fact that the city and the taxpayers are losing 1,000,000 gallons of water a day does not appeal to him— if he thinks he is getting his share of the 1,000,000. Let him see that he can cut his rate and have all of the water he wants to use and he is converted. While, under the…

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