Issue 4 and Volume 54.

METERAGE Wharton, Tex., is installing meters all over the city, whereby the revenue of the city will be greatly increased. Chippewa Falls, Wis., with a population of 9,000 last year added 25 meters, making the total number in use at present 150. Salina, Kan., with a population of 11,000, had no meters in use 10 years ago. To-day the city water service is entirely metered. At present there are 1,745 meters in use. Superintendent of Water Works Alvin Bugbee, of Trenton. N. J., is determined to stop a portion of the water waste of that city, and contemplates installing meters where parties arc found violating the regulation of the department which prohibits the use of hand hose and sprinklers between the hours of 9 a, m. and 5 p. m. An investigation of the mtincipa! water consumption has been ordered by the water comI allies in Minneapolis, Minn., and it…

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