Pensacola Water System

Issue 4 and Volume 54.

Pensacola Water System In reply to a request from the Pensacola Commercial Association that it be furnished with a complete statement as to the capacity of the city water works, wells, mains, etc., in connection with the investigation being conducted by the naval board which recently visited Pensacola, Fla., J. L. Sweeney, superintendent of water works, has given the following to Secretary Henderson: “The water supply of this city is known as ground water. It is taken from a gravel waterbearing strata 130 feet below the surface by means of 13 wells, nine of which are 4-inch and four 6-inch. These wells are capable of supplying 2,000,000 gallons daily, and as the underground supply seems to be unlimited, to increase it is only a question of more wells. The daily average ptimpage for the year ending 1912 was 1,400,000. The pumpage capacity has been increased during the present year from…

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