Quincy Finds Telephone Alarm Inefficient

Issue 5 and Volume 54.

Quincy Finds Telephone Alarm Inefficient The unreliability of the telephone as a fire alarm has been completely demonstrated to the satisfaction of Chief Marriotte, of the Quincy, Ill., department. Recently while the chief was at his home he was notified by telephone that there was a fire at Seventh and Jersey streets. As the point was not far from his home, the chief did not wait to crank his auto, but ran to the place indicated. Before he was out of hearing a second message was received saying that the fire was at Eighth and State streets. Between the first call and the correction the apparatus answering calls at the first location had been sent out and six of the department’s eight crews had responded, and to add to the confusion several of the crews had understood the call as coming from Eleventh and State streets. The fire was of…

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